Anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning

With over 20 years experience, Canine Dental are the original Anesthesia Free dog teeth cleaning specialists in Australia
dog dental cleaning without anesthesia, dog teeth scaling without anesthesia

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We take our time and clean your dog’s teeth carefully and thoroughly by hand. A safer holistic approach

canine dental, no anesthesia dog teeth cleaning Melbourne

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We take before and after photos of all the dogs that visit us – if you’d like to see how we help them you can see a range of shots here.

canine dental, anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs Melbourne

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We are now open with our normal business hours & taking every precaution to ensure you and your pup will be safe & well.

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Melbourne’s Original Anesthesia Free Dog Teeth Cleaning

Canine Dental’s founder and owner Andrea started cleaning dogs’ teeth without anesthetic in the United States since 1997.

After migrating to Australia, she started Canine Dental in 2014 and has been looking after dogs since through pain free teeth cleaning without having to sedate them.

She trained and grew a team who at one stage traveled around Australia providing anesthesia free teeth cleaning for dogs nationally, but now delivers this from Melbourne.

canine dental, anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs Melbourne
“Andrea and Iro were wonderful and very generous with their knowledge. They were both lovely and obviously very gentle with her as she’s been absolutely fine since I picked her up, mood unaffected. Her breath smells lovely and coconuty and I was very impressed with the before and after photos. I would highly recommend them.”

“NO two ways about it. I was a sceptic. You will never convert me to religion. But this service. 10/10. I stayed through the whole process. There is no stress. Little Miss Molly was flashing her pearly whites all night. More advice and assistance than any vet I have met.”

Why Canine Dental?

Andrea is the original and the best. Dogs have always been a part of her life whether it be as family pets, showing or grooming them.

Thankfully for dogs and dog owners across Melbourne, she brought anesthesia free teeth cleaning to Australia along with her 20+ years experience.

If you’re interested in having Andrea and the team look after your dog without the sedation or pain – we’d love to hear from you.

dog dental cleaning without anesthesia, dog teeth scaling without anesthesia

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