Dog Oral Care Kit

Keep your dog’s teeth in the best condition possible between visits with our dog oral care kit which you can use from home

The dog oral care kit from Melbourne’s anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning specialists

Introducing the Canine Dental’s Dental Pack:

This is the ultimate, holistic, natural and safest way to clean your dogs or cats teeth in between regular dental maintenance which should be done once a day.

In the pack you will find:

  • A brochure which also has QR code that will take you to a full video instruction page
  • 200mls of 100% organic coconut oil
  • One packet of non sterile gauze specifically for veterinary use

The brochure with the QR code to bring you to the full video instruction page also outlines a range of Canine Dental Non Anaesthetic Teeth Cleaning Services.

This will definitely be the only way you will ever clean your dogs teeth again and can be purchased from our friends at The Dog Dazzlers.


If you’d like to buy your dog oral care kit now, visit our friends at The Dog Dazzlers