About Us

With over 20 years experience, Canine Dental Hygiene Services are Australia’s first Anesthesia Free dog teeth cleaning professionals

Our Story

Canine Dental Hygiene Services started in 2014 and is the first anesthesia free dental cleaning service for dogs in Australia. The business grew and expanded to having three teams traveling  all over the greater Melbourne area and interstate. We are now primarily based in Burwood with a focus on looking after dogs across Melbourne and the greater Melbourne area.

At Canine Dental we are all about doing what’s best for your dog. We provide anesthesia free dental cleaning so you no longer have to sedate your dog. We are also focused on ensuring you know what you need to know to keep your dog in good health between visits.

canine dental, anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs Melbourne

Our Team

Anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning in Melbourne with Andrea Churches

Andrea Churches

Andrea is our founder, head canine dental hygienist and dedicated team leader. She was trained in the USA in 1997 to perform anesthesia free teeth cleaning and has over 20 years experience.

Melbourne anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning with Jen Hough

Jen Hough

Jen has been working with dogs for over 10 years and is our other lead dental hygienest at Canine Dental. With her extensive dog grooming experience, she’s used to calmly working with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Dog dental specialist

Su Liaw

Su has been working with dogs for more than 4 years as a dog groomer and now dental hygienist. This experience, combined with her calm personality puts every pup at ease when visiting Canine Dental.

Why You Should Choose Us

Know your dog is safe and in good hands

No sedation or stress to your dog

No blood tests, drips or recovery period

No risks or side effects

Clean teeth and fresh breath

A natural holistic approach and longer lifespan

Avoid huge vet bills

Avoid the spread of bacteria into your dogs bloodstream

Have your dog looked after the first company in Australia offering anesthesia free dental for dogs

canine dental, anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs Melbourne

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