How do we do anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs?

We use dog whisperer techniques to get your dog calm and connected to us, trusting us to work on their mouths. Then we use a careful swaddling technique where we wrap your dog up like a baby (yes even the big dogs!) so that they feel safe and secure, just like they do when they wear a thundershirt for anxiety.  We lay them between our legs on a big comfy mattress on the floor and start to gently, calmly and carefully work on their mouth. We do a full dental scale of every surface of each tooth, including under the gum line and at the end we polish the teeth. All of this is done with a human dental scaling tool by hand, without the use of anesthetics, sedatives and without any loud, noisy mechanical or electric scalers or polishers. We believe this is a much safer holistic approach to dental cleaning for dogs and an excellent complementary therapy to what’s currently available.

How do you clean the teeth without anesthetic?

We use dog whisperer techniques to connect with your dog, our calm and gentle approach and careful swaddling (like a thundershirt for anxiety) makes your dog feel safe and secure. We use a human dental scaling tool to clean every millimetre of the tooth surface and under the gumline. Everything is done carefully and thoroughly by hand, so there is no noise unlike when mechanical or electronic tools are used. Everything we do is designed to put your dog at ease and make it as low stress as possible for them.

Is my dog going to get stressed out or feel any pain?

Most dogs do well with the process, we take our time with the dogs and use dog whisperer techniques to get them calm and receptive to us working on their mouth and our swaddling technique helps even the most anxious dogs relax and feel comfortable. Many dogs are so relaxed they fall asleep while we’re working on their mouths! Your dog is treated gently and compassionately, just as we would do for our own dogs. We never ever use force on the dogs, there is no pain and they do not suffer. If there are any issues that mean we cannot continue the dental cleaning*, we stop and contact you. Our first priority is the dog’s health and wellbeing. Be assured your dog is safe and in good hands.
*There are exceptions to every rule and there are some issues that very occasionally means a dog is not going to cope with our anesthetic free dental cleaning, such as dementia (in some elderly dogs) and severe PTSD (often found in with rescue dogs).

Do you use any chemicals or electric/mechanical tools?

The only substance we use is coconut oil when we polish the dogs teeth after cleaning each tooth and under the gum lines with our human dental scaling tool. We do everything by hand and do not use any loud, noisy mechanical or electric scalers or polishers. There may be an aromatherapy diffuser with calming essential oils to aid the atmosphere of calm and wellbeing in the room where our hygienist is working, and an iPad to take before and after photos of your dogs mouth – that’s as high tech as it gets. Everything we do is designed to minimise stress and encourage relaxation and wellbeing in our client, your dog!

Is it the same results as going to the vet?

Yes, we perform a full dental scale of every tooth, clean under the gum line and polish the teeth with the same results as the vets, but without the use of anesthetics, sedatives and without using any loud, noisy mechanical or electric scalers or polishers. We use a human dental scaling tool and do everything carefully and thoroughly by hand. We are dental hygienists and not veterinarians, if we find an issue that’s outside our area of anesthesia free dental cleaning, we will contact you immediately and recommend you take your dog back to your veterinarian for appropriate medical treatment.

How long does the anesthesia free dental cleaning take?

Our anesthesia free dental cleaning service for dogs takes approximately 90 minutes. We take our time to get to know your dog and get it comfortable with us, do our anesthesia free dental clean, take before and after photos (which we send you in a follow-up email with our recommendations). This gives us time to gently but thoroughly clean every surface of every tooth in your dog’s mouth (and under the gum line) and then give each tooth a thorough polish at the end. We are also spend the time speaking with you if you have any questions, and we can give you recommendations for maintaining your dogs dental and overall health.

How long does an anesthesia free dental clean last?

It all depends on the condition of your dog’s teeth, it’s diet and often it’s genetics. Some dogs just have teeth that need more attention than others, for example collies with their long pointed muzzles, because of this feature of the breed they cannot chew hard on raw meaty bones and often need more dental care. We will give you the best advice we can for your dog’s condition, breed and needs at the time of your first dental clean. We may recommend your dog has a yearly dental with dietary changes or additions to maintain the teeth in between cleans, or we may recommend your dog be on our 3 monthly maintenance program if required.

Do you do home visits for the anesthesia free dental cleaning?

Yes, we currently provide home visits across the greater Melbourne area. This is great for dogs that are nervous about travelling, or being in places where there could be other dogs. This service is also great for owners that don’t drive! Please call us on 0433 348 639 to enquire when one of our Canine Dental Hygiene teams will next be in your area for home visits. Please note: home visits attract an extra travel fee which covers the time/petrol for the hygienist and assistant to come to your home.

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