Is my dog going to get stressed out or feel any pain?

Most dogs do well with the process, we take our time with the dogs and use dog whisperer techniques to get them calm and receptive to us working on their mouth and our swaddling technique helps even the most anxious dogs relax and feel comfortable. Many dogs are so relaxed they fall asleep while we’re working on their mouths! Your dog is treated gently and compassionately, just as we would do for our own dogs. We never ever use force on the dogs, there is no pain and they do not suffer. If there are any issues that mean we cannot continue the dental cleaning*, we stop and contact you. Our first priority is the dog’s health and wellbeing. Be assured your dog is safe and in good hands.

*There are exceptions to every rule and there are some issues that very occasionally means a dog is not going to cope with our anesthetic free dental cleaning, such as dementia (in some elderly dogs) and severe PTSD (often found in with rescue dogs).

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